Qualifying as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

All Certificates/ Qualifications detailed in this section are available on request, to all prospective pupils/ parents etc. The certificate is required to be visible (at all times) inside the windscreen of my car

I have been a fully qualified ADI since 2006, having passed all 3 exams first time round (rare!).

Part I - Theory Test

Multiple Choice: 99/ 100 (85 required)

Hazard Perception 60/ 75 (57 required)

Part II - Advanced Driving Test

4 minor faults (maximum 6 allowed)

Part III - Instructional Ability

Phase I: Grade 4 and Phase 2: Grade 5 (at least Grade 4-6 required for both phases (see grading criteria under "Check Test")).

Standards Check

Periodically, our standard of teaching is assessed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA; the Government agency responsible for setting the driving test). I am currently a Grade A (achieved 14th December 2016).

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) enhanced check

I have had the full, mandatory DBS check (issued March 2022, valid for 4 years).


After qualifying I worked as a Franchisee with a company (LDC) for 2 years. I have worked independently for the last 16 years. In total, i have helped 1300 people to pass their test, with a first-time pass rate around the 90% mark (i.e 9 out of every 10 people (1170) have passed first time). The vast majority of the remaining 10% (130) have passed at the second attempt.

The last 20 test results: PPPFPPPPPPPPPPFPPPP. (P = PASS, F = FAIL)

Retention of pupils: Of the 1300 pupils I have taught in total, 1235 have stayed with me to completion. This gives a Pupil Retention Rate (PRR) of 95.0%. Of the 65 that didn't continue, 30 were due to moving away from the area and 35 were due to illness/ financial problems (job losses etc.)/ loss of confidence due to multiple test fails (thankfully rare!)/ other circumstances etc.

Statistics last updated: February 15th 2024

I have a great deal of experience working with people with autism, dyslexia and other learning difficulties. I am able to adapt my teaching methods accordingly, using diagrams to help visualise and simple rules which are easy to remember.

In addition to "Learners", i have also assisted qualified drivers seeking to regain confidence after a break from driving. These have ranged from new to elderly drivers, aswell as foreign drivers.

Occasionally i assess the competence of drivers from workplaces such as Care Homes etc. This is undertaken in the vehicle in which the staff would normally be driving.

So far, i have carried out 50 Pass Plus courses for newly-qualified drivers. The vast majority have been in my car, but some in the pupil's car. For more information click on the "Prices" tab.

Ongoing Development

I continually keep up to date with the Learner Driver industry by reading various publications. These alert me to changes in the theory and driving test, so that i can adjust my tuition accordingly. I also regularly review my teaching methods, ensuring that my pupils are always being taught in the best ways possible.