Qualifying as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

All Certificates/ Qualifications detailed in this section are available on request, to all prospective pupils/ parents etc. The certificate below is required to be visible (at all times) inside the windscreen of my car.

I have been a fully qualified ADI since 2006, having passed all 3 exams first time round (rare!).

Part I - Theory Test

Multiple Choice: 99/ 100 (85 required)

Hazard Perception 60/ 75 (57 required)

Part II - Advanced Driving Test

4 minor faults (maximum 6 allowed)

Part III - Instructional Ability

Phase I: Grade 4 and Phase 2: Grade 5 (at least Grade 4-6 required for both phases (see grading criteria under "Check Test")).

Standards Check

Periodically, our standard of teaching is assessed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA; the Government agency responsible for setting the driving test). I am currently a Grade A (achieved 14th December 2016).

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) enhanced check

I have had the full, mandatory DBS check (issued 2018, valid for 4 years).


After qualifying I worked as a Franchisee with a company (LDC) for 2 years. I have worked independently for the last 12 years. In total, i have helped 500 people to pass their test, with a first-time pass rate around the 80% mark (i.e 8 out of every 10 people (400) have passed first time). The vast majority of the remaining 20% (100) have passed at the second attempt.

The last 20 test results: PPFPPFPPPPPPPPPPFFPP. (P = PASS, F = FAIL)

Retention of pupils: Of the 500 pupils I have taught in total, 470 have stayed with me to completion. This gives a Pupil Retention Rate (PRR) of 94.0%. Of the 30 that didn't continue, 15 were due to moving away from the area and 15 were due to illness/ financial problems (job losses etc.)/ loss of confidence due to multiple test fails (thankfully rare!)/ other circumstances etc.

Statistics last updated: March 29th 2020

I have a great deal of experience working with people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. I am able to adapt my teaching methods accordingly, using diagrams to help visualise and simple rules which are easy to remember.

In addition to "Learners", i have also assisted qualified drivers seeking to regain confidence after a break from driving. These have ranged from new to elderly drivers, aswell as foreign drivers.

On occasion, i assess the competence of drivers from workplaces such as Care Homes etc. This is undertaken in the vehicle in which the staff would normally be driving.

So far, i have carried out 40 Pass Plus courses for newly-qualified drivers. The majority have been in my car, but some in the pupil's car. For more information click on the "Prices" tab.

Ongoing Development

I continually keep up to date with the Learner Driver industry by reading various publications. These alert me to changes in the theory and driving test, so that i can adjust my tuition accordingly. I also regularly review my teaching methods, ensuring that my pupils are always being taught in the best ways possible.

GDPR compliance

I securely keep any pupil contact details, provisional licence number and theory certificate number until such time that the pupil finishes. At that point, all paper and electronic records of that pupil are destroyed/ deleted. During the entire period that the pupil has a binding contract with me, I don't share their personal information with any other party.