Colour Presenter

During lessons i use this aid to help demonstrate each topic visually. It can be drawn on to show the position of our car as well as other road users. It is proven to increase the speed of the learning process, as it makes it easier to link theoretical knowledge to its practical application.

Manoeuvre Diagrams

To improve the learning of the manoeuvres, i have produced a diagram for each with a written description alongside.

Speed on approach to Hazards

As this is by far the most important element of car control (and is one of the biggest weaknesses in all new drivers), I have designed a graph showing how gears are selected at differing speeds on approach to a hazard. On lessons, I have a laminated version so that I can draw extra information, which helps in the understanding of the braking process.

Reversing Rules

Reversing can take a while to master. I have therefore compiled a series of rules to help in the understanding of the swing of the front of the car. The direction and quantity of steering required to straighten the wheels again are also explained.

Golden Rules

Although a vast subject, i have tried to summarise the main rules of driving in to a few, simple "golden rules". I will provide this handout in readiness for Cambridge. This enables pupils to reflect on each lesson and to look down the checklist to see where improvements can be made next time.

Mock Tests

Over a period of several weeks before the actual driving test, i conduct up to approximately 10 mock tests. This ensures the pupil is fully aware of the:

1) length of time being assessed
2) language/ terminology that will be used in the test
3) pressure associated with being examined
4) marking system that will be used to measure their performance

Test Tips

In order to give my pupils the best chance of passing the driving test, I have created a simple list of "test tips" to help further understand what the examiner is looking for. These revision notes can really help when the pressure is on!

Car Safety Questions

When nearing the driving test i will provide pupils with a copy of the latest car safety questions. Just before leaving the test centre, one "tell-me" question will be asked i.e. explain. Then, during the drive, one "show-me" question will be asked i.e. demonstrate. Examples include "please tell me how you would check the oil". The bonnet will need to be opened for such a question, so that the correct reservoir can be identified. An example of a "show-me" question whilst driving is "please show me how to operate the dipped headlights". All possible questions will be familiarised with several times before the day of the test.

Independent Driving

During the driving test, approximately 20 minutes will be assigned to independent driving. This can EITHER take the form of following road signs OR Sat. Nav., until told otherwise. We practise many road sign and Sat. Nav. examples before the day of the test. A welcome addition to the course, this encourages pupils to be more spontaneous. Afterall, this is how we all navigate in places that are new to us.