Genuine feedback from satisfied Steer We Go! customers

"Chris is a top bloke, as well as a top driving instructor! He helped me pass my theory and practical, both first time! As well as not being bossy, he also allows you to learn at your own pace and gives you targets to achieve within lessons! All-in-all Chris is a top driving instructor and I'd highly recommend him! When nearly ready for the test, you might even be lucky enough to have some music on during lessons......and if you like the 80's you'll be absolutely fine!" Owain

"Chris is a patient, considerate and engaging instructor. I always felt in safe hands and his instruction was clear and concise. He intuitively knew when I was daunted and needed more time to practice and when I was ready to move on to the next skill, no time wasted! Great value and he turned me into a first-time passer! I would recommend Steer We Go! to anyone, whatever their driving experience or skill - a fantastic tutor." Andy

"I spent 3 months learning with Chris and I've gone from not knowing how to use a car to passing first time around! Anyone who isn't confident in driving and feels like they can't do it, and needs motivation to realise they can, must try Steer We Go! I'm really happy with my choice, as I never thought I'd be able to pass, let alone first time!" Maia

"A big thank you for helping me to pass first time! Chris covered everything I needed in order to pass my test with ease, every lesson I learnt more and no where along the line did I feel that I was only doing lessons for the sake of it. He told me when he felt I was nearing the stage to be taking my test and only 3 months after my 17th birthday I was driving! I also did my Pass Plus which was great and gave me more confidence in different environments. Chris is a great instructor and I will continue to highly recommend him." Hannah

"I had my licence revoked and this made me feel extremely anxious. I came across Steer We Go! and talked to Chris. He really reassured me and was very supportive from day one. He gave me several lessons and they made the world of difference to me. I realised that the first time I had just passed the test, but this time Chris widened my horizons, teaching with far more depth. I was given logical reasoning behind each and every situation, which truly broadened my knowledge as well. I have a very demanding job and Chris was very flexible in giving lessons on weekends and also very early mornings! I passed my test on the first attempt with only 4 minors! The entire credit goes to Chris. Many thanks Chris for all your support, motivation, sharpening and enhancing of my driving skills and expanding my knowledge." Gaurav 

"I began driving with Chris just after I turned 17 and he was recommended to me by a friend. I enjoyed the lessons and I passed both my theory and practical tests first time and within 4-5 months. Chris was patient when I made mistakes and was always friendly and informative which helped me to reach my goal. He also explained things clearly and we always had a laugh along the way. Chris is a great driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive." William

"Chris offers high quality lessons that come at a reasonable price. His relaxed approach to teaching also helped me gain both confidence and independence when driving. After failing twice with a previous teacher, I passed on my first test with Chris and would recommend him to any new learner drivers." Tom

"Chris made my driving lessons fun and interesting, whilst keeping a relaxed atmosphere in the car. I feel like I am now a complete driver and am happy to tackle any driving challenge, such as a road trip through Europe!" Toby

"Chris made my driving lessons a thoroughly enjoyable experience! He educated me with all I needed to know for practical and theory tests, whilst maintaining a professional but pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Each lesson was engaging and well planned, with helpful and easy to remember tips, provided to assist in performing manoeuvres easily. Chris delivered a great set of lessons and provided me with the skills and self-confidence I needed to pass first time! I would highly recommend Steer We Go! to anyone!" Frances

"I must say a big thank you to Chris for helping me pass first time round. He is patient and friendly, but most importantly very knowledgeable. He took me to places in Cambridge I had never been before and turned my lessons into not only learning experiences but enjoyable ones. I came back to lessons after a sixth month pause having broken my leg and Chris was incredibly patient and dealt with this fact extremely well. Couldn’t ask for more from a driving instructor!" Stephen

"As soon as i started with you i benefitted a lot and was able to take in the instructions you were saying. I felt that i learnt very quickly and i was refreshed with new and different ways on how to drive. As i passed first time, it showed that i did benefit from your teaching and i do thank you for that. I enjoyed my lessons with you and i became a lot more confident." Evan