As of November 1st 2021 I've been registered on the public register of fee payers at the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). This will be renewed every year, thereby showing my commitment to data protection. 

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliance

securely keep any pupil contact details, provisional driving  licence number and theory certificate number until such time that either the contract is terminated, or the pupil passes the driving test. At that point, all paper and electronic records of that pupil are destroyed/ deleted.

This notice informs you of your rights in compliance with GDPR.

Information that I may collect from you

During normal business, I may collect data from you during telephone conversations, Email correspondence, text messages, Messenger or WhatsApp communications or during driving lessons. Also, I may collect payment data from bank transfers.

How I use your data

I may use your data to provide my services to you. This includes driving lessons, taking payments and booking or changing driving tests on your behalf. I may also use your data to telephone you or send you text messages or Emails.

Upon passing your driving test I may request a photograph (of yourself holding your pass certificate, alongside my car) to be used for advertising purposes. This would subsequently be placed on both my website and Facebook page. It is, however, your right to refuse to have a photo taken.

I will respect your privacy at all times. I will not disclose any of your information without your consent, unless required by law to do so.

Sharing your data

I will never share or disclose your data to any third parties without your prior consent.

Your Rights

Under GDPR you have the right to access any personal information which I hold about you.

You can request information from me about the following;

Any personal data which I hold about you.

My purpose for holding the data.

To whom your data has been disclosed. 

How long I will hold the data.

How long will I keep your data

I will only keep your data for as long as is absolutely necessary, which is usually until the driving test is passed, unless the contract is terminated sooner.